Structural Design II

The courses Structural Design I and II explain the fundamentals of how structures function. These courses put great emphasis on studying the relationship between the form of a structure and the internal forces within it by means of graphic statics.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Crown Hall, Chicago, USA, 1956

Exercise 06: Trusses

In this exercise, the statical determinacy of trusses is investigated.  

Ensamble Studio, Hemeroscopium House, Madrid

Exercise 07: Beams

In this exercise, the distribution of internal forces within beams is examined. First for the simple beam, then for beams with different support conditions and cantilevered beams.  For this purpose, arch-cable and truss analogies are used, i.e. the acquired knowledge about arch-cable structures and trusses is applied. 

Studio Vacchini architetti: Sporthalle Mülimatt, Windisch, 2010

Exercise 08: Frames

In this exercise, we learn to evolve possible redirections of the internal forces in frames. Likewise, the static determinacy of different support situations and possible inner force distribution in reinforced concrete frames are discussed.

Heinrich Degelo, Joseph Schwartz: Erweiterung Kongresshaus, Davos, 2011

Exercise 09: Plates

In dieser Übung wird die Lastabtragung von Vertikalkräften auf ein Tragwerk untersucht. Dabei wird zuerst das Bestimmen der Lasteinflusszone geübt. Weiter werden dann anhand von Subsystemen die Übertragung von der in der Decke angreifenden Flächenlast über mehrere Geschosse nach unten bis zur Stütze in den Boden verfolgt. 

Hancock Tower, Chicago, Arch: SOM & Bruce Graham, Ing.: Fazlur Rahman Khan, 1969

Exercise X: Additional Exercise

The Exercise X consists of tasks that cover the entire subject matter of the second semester once again. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to complete the exercise as a review of the last semester and as preparation for the upcoming exam.