Pier Luigi Nervi: Salone B, Palazzo di Torino Esposizioni, Torino, 1954

Course: Structural Design I

The courses Structural Design I and II explain the fundamentals of how structures function. These courses put great emphasis on studying the relationship between the form of a structure and the internal forces within it by means of graphic statics.

Christian Kerez, Joseph Schwartz, Schule Leutschenbach, Zürich

Course: Structural Design II

Structural Design II completes the catalog of classical structural typologies and provides a safe handling of different models for the description of characteristic structural behavior. For administrative questions, please contact the teaching team of chair Block.  

Laurent Ney, Thuin Bridge, detail

Course: Structural Design III

The course Structural Design III complements the courses Structural Design I and II, which show the fundamentals of how structures function. The course explores the relationship between architecture and structure by analyzing buildings built using the main structural materials.

Sendai Mediathek, 2001, Toyo Ito, Mutsuro Sasaki

Course: Structural Design IV

In Structural Design IV, the students will apply the knowledge gained during the courses Structural Design I, II and III in a semester-long design project.

Armadillo Vault at Beyond Bending exhibition, Venice Biennale, 2016, Block Research Group ETH Zurich

Course: Computational Structural Design II

This course teaches structural design opportunities through the use of computational tools and strongly informed by (digital)fabrication techniques.

pool Architekten, FHNW Campus, Muttenz, 2018

Course: Structural Design D-BAUG + MIBS

The goal of the course is to introduce students to Structural Design, which is regarded as a discipline that relates structural behavior, construction technologies and architectural concepts. The course encourages students to understand the relationship between the form of a structure and the forces within it by promoting the development of designed projects.

Frei Otto: German Expo-Pavilion, Montreal, 1967

Course: Fachsemester

Lord Norman Foster, Millau Bridge 2D Sketch

Course: Tutoring

Structural consulting for semester project / diploma.

The basic of graphic statics by Lluis Enrique

Course: Basics of graphic statics

Do you want to to be introduced to graphic statics? Do you need a recap on what you've already learnt? Then check out these videos and explore with Lluis Enrique the exciting world of red and blue.

Folded Staircase Project (Keller, Harter, 2017)

Course: Focus Work

Focus Works (Vertiefungsarbeiten) at the Chair of Structural Design offer the opportunity to explore topics in the areas of construction, geometry or material.