Structural Design II

The courses Structural Design I and II explain the fundamentals of how structures function. These courses put great emphasis on studying the relationship between the form of a structure and the internal forces within it by means of graphic statics.

Graphische Statik

Lecture 00: Recap HS22

In this lecture, we will focus on reviewing the content of the first semester as a preparation for the new semester. 

Lecture 06: Trusses

In this lecture, the focus is on both the introduction to the technical terminology as well as on the subject of statical determinacy of structures. The structural behavior of trusses will be discussed. Trusses are explained as a combination and sequence of simple arch-cable structures. Similar to arch-cable structures, geometric variations are examined and discussed here. Furthermore, with the help of a case study, a systematic and progressive approach for the analysis of statically determinate trusses is explained.

Ensamble Studio, Hemeroscopium House, Madrid

Lecture 07: Beams

This lecture explains internal force distributions within beams with the help of discretized arch-cable and truss- models. Using this analogy, the final step to continuous stress fields and its development specifically to material is discussed.

Wiskind, Sdwisdom, Qingdao, China

Lecture 08: Frames

By means of the already acquired knowledge, this lecture examines the possibility of force distributions within a frame structure. It specifically addresses the need for force deviation in the corners of frames. Furthermore, a load case within a hinged frame is extensively studied.

Heinrich Degelo, Joseph Schwartz: Erweiterung Kongresshaus, Davos, 2011

Lecture 09: Plates, Columns and Bracing

In this lecture the structural behavior of plates is studied. The derivation is done through a sequence of beams to an interlacing as a beam grid structure.