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It’s B(bq)RG season!

Summer is finally here in Zurich, and that means the BRG (BBQ Research Group) is back in action. With a brand new grill, beautiful weather and Alps in the background, we witnessed the dream run of Wales in the 2016 European Championship come to an end. Now we must sit through another 90 minutes (or 120 minutes…) of Portuguese football and haircuts…


BRG XCard 2015

For our holiday card this year, we explored bringing 3D reciprocal diagrams into virtual reality! On the front of our holiday card, are planar projections of 3D reciprocal snowflakes. Using the “BRG XCard 2015” app, you will be able to see the holographic projections of the 3D reciprocal snowflakes in real-time! If you understand the frame-like snowflake as the structure (under given external loads, or equivalent self-stress), the forces within the bars of that structure are proportional to the areas of the corresponding, perpendicular faces of the solidlike snowflake.