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Tektoniek workshop at TU Delft

On Tuesday April 7th, I spent the day at the faculty of Architecture, at TU Delft, Netherlands, my alma mater. That week, Tektoniek organized a workshop for both architecture and engineering students to create fabric formed structures based on design input from bi-directional evolutionary structural optimisation (BESO). The entire Tektoniek event was supported by the Cement&BetonCentrum, bureaubakker, TU Delft and Weber Beamix.


TeXlipse and Biblatex

Biblatex is a package for LateX that provides more control over the way references are managed. A quick introduction can be found here, and more detailed information here. Using the package with all the default values works great, but then you are not really making the most of it. Once you start changing options, there is one important thing you should know…