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No Hyper-Threading – Speed up your python code and Rhino commands

Hyper-threading splits up each of your physical processor cores into two virtual or logical cores. This technology can improve the performance of some applications which are optimized for hyper-threading. However, all python code I wrote and almost all Rhino commands do not benefit from hyper-threading technology. You can often run your code (and Rhino commands) twice as fast by simply disabling hyper-threading in your BIOS setup. Just enter your BIOS setup during start-up, go to Config -> CPU -> Intel(R)Hyper-Threading Technology -> Disable -> Save and Exit.


Texlipse viewer settings on Mac

Texlipse is a LaTeX plugin for Eclipse. It’s great. I even find it more convenient than dedicated LaTeX editors. However, I seem to have to figure out how to configure the different viewers over and over again, so therefore a quick post about it.