2015-07-25 11.04.59_cropped_1438853218.jpgtx-shell-14_1438853081.jpg2015-07-25 11.16.21_cropped_1438853016.jpg2015-07-25 11.17.31_cropped_1438852974.jpg2015-07-25 11.10.35_extra_1438853247.jpgtx-shell-01_1438853605.jpgtx-shell-04_1438853551.jpgtx-shell-09_1438853314.jpgtx-shell-05_1438853531.jpgtx-shell-06_1438853513.jpgtx-shell-07_1438853438.jpgtx-shell-08_1438853343.jpg

Cable-net and fabric formed thin shell, Buda, TX, USA, 2014

Together with Escobedo Construction, the Block Research Group designed and fabricated a small prototype of a thin shell formed using a cable-net and fabric formwork and standard shoring and scaffolding elements.


Cable-net and fabric formworks for concrete shells

Cable-net and fabric formworks for concrete shells

This project investigates the feasibility of using both large cable nets with a secondary system of fabric shuttering as well as fabric directly as a formwork for concrete shells. These lightweight formwork systems reduce the need for seperate foundations of the formwork and allow unobstructed space underneath the shell during construction.


Block P.Parametricism's structural congeniality,AD Architectural Design,86(2): 68-75,2016 (March/April).Special issue P. Schumacher (Ed.) - Parametricism 2.0: Rethinking Architecture’s Agenda for the 21st Century.


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