Exam: Structural Design III & IV

Hier finden Sie alle relevanten Informationen. Wir wünschen Ihnen eine erfolgreiche Vorbereitung.

Course evaluation

The performance assessment consists of two parts: a written exam on the annual course Structural Design III and IV (main part, weight 60%) and an exercise/design project during the spring semester of the course Structural Design IV (weight 40%). Participation in the relevant exercise/design project during the spring semester is compulsory. The exercise must be completed before the written examination. Missing presence at the exercise/design project will be graded with 1.

It is possible to repeat the written exam without retaking the courses Structural Design III and IV. In this case, the existing semester grade will be taken into account again. Alternatively, it is possible to retake the Structural Design IV course in the spring semester, obtain a new semester grade and retake the exam. In this case, the last semester grade received in Structural Design IV will be taken into account.

Important information on the written exam

  • The Structural Design III and IV written exam will last 120 minutes. The duration of the written exam Structural Design III and IV for students from the old system is 180 minutes. The duration of the exam for those students who only inscribed to Structural Design III is 90 minutes. 
  • Both in the lectures and exercises done during this yearly course you will find all the relevant content for the exam. In addition, the old exams from the Chair of Structural Design (Prof. Joseph Schwartz) will serve you as a good orientation.
  • The exam language is German.
  • The only mathematical formulas you will have to use during the exam are the basic ones. For this reason, a separate formula sheet is not required, neither it will be distributed during the exam.

Exam advice

Before the exam, you will have the chance to ask any question you may have in a consultation meeting. These consultations are meant to help you resolving specific questions and not to teach you basic principles already explained during the course. We encourage you to attend these consultations.

  • For the time being, consultations are given online via Zoom. The inscriptions are available at this link: Exam consultations
  • The duration of each session is 30 minutes and a maximum of 4 students can inscribe to ask questions. However, all the interested students are warmly invited to join the session and listen to the discussion.
  • Please do not inscribe in more than ONE slot, so to give everyone the opportunity to take part in the consultations.
  • Please combine all your questions in one single PDF file, in order to save time for extra questions, and send the PDF file to the tutor at least one day before the consultation.

General information for the day of the exam

  • Check at the beginning of the exam whether the exam document is complete.
  • Make sure that you write down your surname, first name and student card number on each of the exam sheets.
  • You will need: two triangular rulers; blue, red and green pencils; a regular pencil; an eraser; a pen; a compass and a calculator (not programmable and without internet access).
  • The exam provides information regarding what is the approximate time you need to resolve the tasks. This information, given in minutes, also relates to how many points the task counts. For example, a task whose approximate solving time is 30 minutes will count as 30 points out of 120.
  • Make sure that the presentation and drawings are clean and understandable. Use colors and label the nodes for a better understanding.
  • In case you solve an exercise two times or more, make sure you indicate which should be evaluated and cross the other ones.
  • Place your identification card on the table.
  • Switch off mobile phones and store them in your pocket or bag. Do not leave them on the table.
  • If you need additional sheets, please contact the supervisors. Remember writing down your last name, first name and student card number in any additional sheet.
  • Leaving the examination room during the exam is only possible in case you need to visit the toilet. In that case, please report this to the exam supervisors (by hand signal), then write down your name in the list provided. A visit to the toilet is no longer permitted in the last 5 minutes of the exam.
  • Only one person may leave the examination room at a time.
  • At the end of the test, place the A3 sheets (without folding) inside the envelope and on the table. Then, wait at the table until your exam has been collected.
  • During the exam, the supervisors will indicate in several occasions the remaining time. If you wish to have more control over the time, please bring a watch (cellphones are not allowed).

Exam review

After you obtain your exam grade, you can review your exam in a private consultation meeting (link). 


In case you have any further question, please contact:

Roshanak Haddadi (Haddadi@arch.ethz.ch)