Structural Design I+II - 2009-2015

Introduces the design and behavior of structures and structural materials. Emphasizes the development of structural form and the principles of structural design. Introduces design methods, such as graphic statics or structural models, applied to roof systems, bridges, and buildings.

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The main goal of this course is to use the relation between form and force to design efficient and expressive structures.

Specific learning goals

You should be able to…

  • apply basic structural principles; 
  • use graphic static techniques for main structural types;
  • dimension structural elements for typical building materials; 
  • translate methods for 2D structures into 3D structures; 
  • critically analyze structures using appropriate terminology and objective arguments; 
  • use and analyze historical and contemporary references; and 
  • choose an appropriate, efficient and expressive structural system for a given design challenge.

Course reader

The course reader for Strucutral Design I+II is FAUSTFORMEL: Tragwerksentwurf (Block, Gengnagel and Peters, 2013). Strongly recommended is the book Form & Forces: Designing Efficient, Expressive Structures (Allen and Zalewski, 2009).

Teaching platform

The interactive platform eQUILIBRIUM is used as central learning tool.


Coordination: Doz. Dr. Gianni Birindelli, dipl. Arch ETH SIA


Teaching Assistants: Marcel Aubert, Christoph Becker, Valentina Cima, Juliana Felkner, Maria Vrontissi
Student Assistants: Steve Gallay, Christian Huber, Stefan Kindschi, , Cihan Kuyucu, Lukas Prestele (Fall '09), Andreas Kaufmann (Spring '10)


Teaching Assistants: Marcel Aubert, Valentina Cima, Lara Davis
Student Assistants: Matthias Alder, Martin Caduff, Christian Huber, Andreas Kaufmann, Stefan Kindschi, Hannah Kuby, Olivia Künzli, Cihan Kuyucu, Tanja Menghini, Virginia Parri


Teaching Assistants: Marcel Aubert, Michaela Burch 
Student Assistants: Lars Aebersold, Marlen Aeschlimann, Matthias Alder, Flurin Arquint, Martin Caduff, Daniel Itten, Stefan Kindschi, Hannah Kuby, Cihan Kuyucu, Nico, Läser, Sebastian Linsin, Pablo Valsangiacomo.


Teaching Assistants: Marcel Aubert, Michaela Burch, Hannah Kuby
Student Assistants: Moritz Berchtold, Rossella Dazio, Julius Grewe-Rellmann, Daniel Itten, Nico Läser, Sebastian Linsin, Eva Luginbühl, Marius Näf, Simon Reist, Michael Stirnemann, Pablo Valsangiacomo, Angela Wiest.


Teaching Assistants: Marcel Aubert, Michaela Burch
Student Assistants: Noël Fäh, Luca Grünenfelder, Daniel Itten, Nico Läser, Eva Luginbühl, Markus Pfauntsch, Simon Reist, Michael Stirnemann (Fall '13), Simon Zemp, David Ziegler, Angela Wiest (Spring '14).


Teaching Assistants: Marcel Aubert, Michaela Burch
Student Assistants: Maximilian Fritz, Michael Stirnemann, Daniel Itten, Maurin Elmer, Lea Frauenfelder, Eva Luginbühl, Angela Wiest, Nadja Friesch, Nico Läser, Markus Pfauntsch.


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