Just Build! Tanzania. Summer School 2015

In collaboration with the Block Research Group, the UNESCO Chair of Earthen Architecture, Building Cultures and Sustainable Development - Honorary Professors Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch will teach a summer school session in Mdabulo, a village in the Tanzanian highlands. As an extension of the spring semester 2015 design course "earthen02," two different designs for housing for orphans as well as a community/education centre will be built during the summer.

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Humans have an instictive capacity to utilize available local materials to build functional, climatically appropriate housing. The development and refinement of this capability stand at the center of the summer school course "Simply Build: Tanzania." Selected students from ETH Zurich will spend 4 to 6 weeks working together with local residents of the highland village of Mdabulo to build housing and community buildings from locally available materials. This offers a unique educational opportunity to learn firsthand the imperative for and potential of architecture built using sustainable processes and local resources. Students also obtain practical, hands-on experience while building on a scale of 1:1. Additional collaborators include the Rural Development Organisation in Mdabulo and the Eine Welt Gruppe Schlins.

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