Compressive assemblies: Bottom-up performance for a new form of construction

Block P., Rippmann M. and Van Mele T.
AD Architectural Design
doi: 10.1002/ad.2202

From Inuit igloos to Roman arches to Gothic cathedrals, builders have long used friction and balance to make structures hold together. The Block Research Group at ETH Zurich is involved in ongoing research that investigates historical techniques and fuses them with the latest technologies, including robotics and 3D printing, to establish new methods of architectural assembly.

This contribution demonstrates through historical references and the latest research by the Block Research Group that paradigm-shifting innovations can be achieved by favouring compressive flows during and after assembly, for the purposes of reducing or even totally eliminating falsework, simplifying connection details, using weak materials, and fully embracing novel fabrication technologies, such as 3D-printing strategies, in order to significantly reduce the embodied energy of constructions.


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