Bending incorporated: designing tension structures by integrating bending-active elements

De Laet L., Veenendaal D., Van Mele T., Mollaert M. and Block P.
Proceedings of Tensinet Symposium 2013
Istanbul, Turkey

By integrating elastically bent, linear elements, a supporting system for membrane structures is created that provides more freedom in design and can reduce the required amount of external supports. To fully explore the potential and possibilities of shaping tension structures by integrating these bending-active elements, the authors developed an easy-to-use design tool for fast, robust and flexible modelling and form finding. This paper presents the tool through a series of case studies that go beyond previously presented applications.


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Van Mele T., De Laet L., Veenendaal D., Mollaert M. and Block P.Shaping tension structures by actively bent linear elements,International Journal of Space Structures,28(3): 127-135,2013.


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