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History and overview of fabric formwork: using fabrics for concrete casting

Veenendaal D., West M. and Block P.
Structural Concrete - Journal of the fib
doi: 10.1002/suco.201100014

The concept of casting concrete in fabrics, fabric formwork technology, has resurfaced at various times and in different forms throughout the past century. The following paper traces developments that have used fabrics for concrete formwork, including different types of flexible formwork, controlled permeability formwork and pneumatic formwork. This paper presents a comprehensive historical overview of fabric formwork, listing key innovators, technological developments and their advantages, and offering examples of structures built with these methods. The information gathered is used to present a taxonomy of these related formwork technologies as well as a formal definition of the term “fabric formwork” that encompasses them. The paper is intended to introduce readers to these technologies and offer readers already familiar with these methods additional historical background.


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