3D Concrete Printed Masonry

Bhooshan S., Van Mele T. and Block P.
BE-AM: Built Environment Additive Manufacturing
Technische Universität Darmstadt

The Block Research Group (BRG) focuses on the discovery, computational extension and application of historic techniques of design and analyses of masonry and shell structures to address the pressing ecological need to change the paradign of design, engineering, fabrication and construction of structures. The importance of geometric methods of structural design and the integration of structural and fabrication-aware computational methods in the early design phase to achive these goals is thoroughly argued by Rippmann [1]. This article summarises the applicaiton of both the mind set and tool sets of 3D concrete printing (3DCP). [1] M. Rippmann. Funicular Shell Design: Geometric Approaches to Form Finding and Fabrication of Discrete Funicular Structures, PhD Dissertation. Zurich: ETH Zurich, 2016.


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