Light formwork for complex roof geometry - Leichte Schalung für komplexe Dachgeometrie

Van Mele T., Lee J. and Block P.

The HiLo research & innovation unit for the Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies (NEST) platform at Empa in Dübendorf, Switzerland, demonstrates how High (Hi) performance can be achieved with Low (Lo) embodied and operational emissions by combining lightweight concrete structures with novel fabrication and construction methods, and integrated and adaptive building systems. In collaboration with partners from the construction industry, the Block Research Group (BRG) has now completed the complex, doubly-curved concrete roof for the HiLo unit of the NEST building. The double-layered sandwich shell, spanning an area of 7m by 17m, was realised with a lightweight and reusable cable-net and fabric formwork system. Such innovation in construction allows the reintroduction of efficient, doubly- curved thin shell structures without the typically associated high labour, time and resource investments. The BRG designed, engineered and planned the flexible formwork system and the complex shell geometry using the open-source computational framework COMPAS.


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