ETH Zurich Pavilion, New York City, USA, 2015

Commissioned by ETH Global, the Block Research Group co-designed with Dirk Hebel's chair a compression vault, built from compressed tetra-pack panels, for the 2015 Ideas City festival in New York City, organised by the New Museum.

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Using New York's waste products as construction material, ETH Zurich's Pavilion redefines waste, acknowledging its capacity as a substance from which to construct new cities.

Waste belongs neither to the family of natural resources nor to finished products and has, until now, been a by-product, an (ideally) invisible part of our cities. The ETH Pavilion follows an approach that defines waste as a resource for the construction of our future cities.

Using tetra pack, a New York waste product, compressed into sheets of 9mm as its construction material, the expressive roof structure visually floats in the narrow slot of the First Street Garden. The shape of the vault has been designed such that the stresses in the structure are predominantly compressive, allowing a considerably weak product to act as a structural material.

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