Maria Anishchenko

Maria Anishchenko is a visiting PhD Candidate at the Block Research Group. She is doing her PhD at the Politecnico di Milano and came to ETH Zurich for a three-month exchange. With a background in architecture, she has a strong interest in advanced ways of digital production and sustainable material systems.

Maria has completed the Master Degree at the Politecnico di Milano in 2018 with a thesis “Smart Memory Materials in dynamic façade systems” in which she was studying the use of parametric tools for design of interactive systems. In November 2018 she has become a member of Material Balance Research Group at Politecnico di Milano and has started her PhD Research “Bespoke knitted textiles for large-scale architectural applications”. In this research she focuses on how the fabric structure influences the architectural characteristics of textiles: acoustics, light and air permeability. Her installation “Senseknit” investigating the characteristics of textiles was exposed at MADE EXPO, Milan Design Week in 2019 and during the Tensinet Symposium 2019.

Maria is teaching at the course “Industrial design for architecture” at institute in Milan and is working as a teaching assistant at “Building Technology Studio” at Politecnico di Milano.



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