Leonie Füssler

Leonie is an architect with a strong interest in structural design. She is currently pursuing a MSc in Architecture at ETH Zurich, where she already completed her corresponding BSc.

During her exchange semester at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, she studied at the Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, where she focused on sustainable construction and architecture.

She gained practical experience at the architecture office Salewski-Nater-Kretz in Zurich, and as a student intern at Atelier Bow Wow in Tokyo, where she contributed to various projects.Leonie also worked as a teaching assistant for the Chair of Structural Design at ETH Zurich under Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz from 2021 to 2022, tutoring second-year students in Structural Design III and supervising their design projects in Structural Design IV. From 2020 to 2024, she worked concurrently as a student assistant at the Chair of Construction Heritage under Prof. Dr. Silke Langenberg.

Since 2021, Leonie has  been a teaching assistant for Structural Design I & II at the Block Research Group and has joined the team as a Scientific Assistant in 2024.



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