Kerstin Spiekermann

Kerstin Spiekermann is an architect with a special interest in exploring and developing structures, methods and construction materials.

In 2020 she graduated with a Master of Science in Architecture from ETH Zurich. During her studies at ETH she focused on researching and defining different ways to increase sustainability in the building industry. This led to projects such as a compostable hotel under the guidance of Prof. Dirk Hebel. Building materials included bamboo, straw, algae, mussels and mushrooms. This work would provide new opportunities in the construction sector for locals on Zakynthos. A second project was a housing construction led by Prof. Elli Mosayebi using cheap timber, which through designed maintenance of the entire structure with oil could last eternally. Kerstin also took part in a summer school by Prof. Roger Boltshauser in 2019 to prefabricate a rammed earth pavilion.

Alongside her studies she worked as a student teaching assistant for Structural Design courses taught by Professors Block and Schwartz. In this position, she was responsible for teaching first year students the basics of structural design with graphic statics.

Through several internships including one at John Pawson Ltd. in London, Kerstin worked on projects of various scales, from object design to large urban planning. She joins the BRG in Spring 2021 as a research intern. 



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