Gabriele Mattei

Gabriele Mattei holds a Master Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture from Roma Tor Vergata University (Italy). His thesis “Parametric Origami: analysis, design and prototyping of rigid panel structures” was published in the Journal of Architectural Engineering (Volume 28, Issue 2) and the project was among the three finalists in the category “Modular, adaptable and mobile living solutions” for the New European Bauhaus 2021 prize.

Gabriele has a strong interest in computational structural design, digital fabrication and robotics. In 2021 he completed the Master in Advanced Studies (MAS) in Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich and his thesis was focused on inflatable membranes and robotic 3D printings. During his MAS studies he joined the chair of Prof. Benjamin Dillenburger and he supported the White Tower Project as a Student Assistant.

In November 2022, Gabriele joined Block Research Group as a Scientific Assistant.



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