Three-dimensional Graphic Statics: Initial explorations with polyhedral form and force diagrams

Akbarzadeh M., Van Mele T. and Block P.
International Journal of Space Structures
doi: 10.1177/0266351116660802

This article investigates how reciprocal form and force polyhedrons can be used to develop procedures for the design of three-dimensional trusses and funicular structures, analogous to the well-known techniques of graphic statics for two-dimensional structural systems. It demonstrates how global equilibrium of a system of forces can be established by constructing a closed force polyhedron, if the forces can be replaced by a resultant force alone, without a resultant couple. It also describes the three-dimensional equivalent of the “closing string,” which is the basis in graphic statics for the construction of funicular solutions for given loads and support locations. Furthermore, it provides a procedure for constructing a constrained funicular form for a simple, determinate boundary condition. Finally, it discusses some of the difficulties involved with similar constructions and procedures for non-concurrent forces and in particular with those systems of forces that can only be replaced by a resultant force and couple.


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