Thrust Network Analysis - Design of a cut-stone masonry vault

Block P., Lachauer L. and Rippmann M.
Shell Structures for Architecture: Form Finding and Optimization

This chapter introduces Thrust Network Analysis (TNA), an equilibrium method for designing unreinforced masonry vaults. TNA extends the Force Density Method (Chapter 6) for the specific case of vertical loading and networks with fixed horizontal projection. The method uses reciprocal force diagrams, derived from concepts based on graphic statics, to furthermore control the distribution of horizontal thrusts in the compressive funicular solution. After introducing the basics of masonry equilibrium and the solving method, the design of a cut-stone masonry shell is described focusing on the development of the structural form, and commenting on the materialization and fabrication as a discrete shell.


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Adriaenssens, S., Block, P., Veenendaal, D. and Williams, C. (editors)Shell Structures for Architecture: Form Finding and Optimization,Taylor & Francis - Routledge,London,2014 (April).


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