LaTeX fill image proportionally

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At present it is quite easy in LaTeX to fit an image proportionally to a frame of fixed width and height. However, to fill a frame with that same image is not straightforward…

This is a snippet that fits the image proportionally to the frame:

  \caption{Kakamigahara Crematorium, Japan}

To fill the frame, we first have to import two packages at the start of your document.


followed by this command (developed from this post on StackExchange);

\FPeval{\mywidtha}{     #3*2.845274*#1}
\FPeval{\mywidthb}{ (1-#3)*2.845274*#1}
\FPeval{\myheighta}{    #4*2.845274*#2}
\adjustbox{min size={#1mm}{#2mm},
    Clip*={#3\width - \mywidtha}   {#4\height - \myheighta}
          {#3\width + \mywidthb}  {#4\height + \myheightb}}%           
          {\includegraphics[max size={#1mm}{#2mm}]{#5}}}


The factor 2.84574 converts from mm to pt.
Then, we can use the command to fill a frame. In this case, 60mm width, 40mm height, positioned at 50% of the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the original image.

  \caption{Kakamigahara Crematorium, Japan}

This definition works, but could be further improved to allow any unit for the width and height.
The resulting two types of figures, fitted and filled, will look like this:


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