Brickworks: Masonry vaulting


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These were tested, discussed and evaluated in hands-on construction workshops taught by invited experts in traditional brick vaulting techniques. The outcome of the seminar week were a series of student-built masonry shells.

Three workshops were conducted by the following invited experts:

- Matthias Rippmann and Lorenz Lachauer, BLOCK Research Group, ETHZ, Computational Funicular Form Finding using RhinoVAULT

Prof. Alfonso Ramírez Ponce, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexican / Leaning-brick Vaulting Construction

Sébastien and Pascal Pittet, Pittet Artisans, Sàrl, Chavannes-sur-Moudon, Switzerland, Catalan / Tile Vaulting Construction

This seminar week has been organized by the Chair of Prof. Andrea Deplazes in collaboration with the Assistant Chair of Prof. Dr. Philippe Block.