Exam: Tragwerksentwurf I / II

The exam Tragwerksentwurf I / II will be held on 25. January 2019. Here you can find all relevant information and the old exams. We wish you a successful preparation

General info for the exam

  • The next exams in Structural Design I / II will be held on 25. Januar 2019. 
  • You will need: calculator, 2 set of squares, blue pen, red pen, green pen, fountain pen, pencil, eraser, pens, compass, formulary (will be distributed).
  • The exam is offered in German and English.
  • A target time for processing the individual tasks is indicated. The target time indicates the weighting of the respective tasks.
  • Each task can be solved independently (for example, task 6 can be solved without the result of task 5).
  • The approach must be comprehensible. Approach, constructions and final results are evaluated.
  • Maintain a clean and clear presentation. Color display and targeted designation of nodes contribute significantly to a better understanding.
  • The scale of the force diagram is given in the relevant task as a suggestion.

Exam relevant content

  • Approximately 30% of the exam is about general questions, approximately 70% of the exam is about calculations and drawings.
  • For the solution of the general questions, the content of all lectures from Structural Design I and II is mainly relevant.

    Lectures of Structural Design I

    Lectures of Structural Design II

  • For the solution of the calculations and drawings, the content of all exercises of Structural Design I and II is mainly relevant.

    Exercises of Structural Design I

    Exercises of Structural Design II

  • Old exams of Chair Block and Chair Schwartz serve as an orientation. Some content from the old courses have changed / been added / removed.

Colloquium and office hours

  • There will be no colloquium.
  • Office hours concerning exam relevant questions at the Chair Block (HIB E 47) can be booked by reservation. Please write in this case an e-mail to aeschlimann@arch.ethz.ch.

For repetitors

  • For exam repetition, the project's grade will not be taken into consideration.