RhinoVAULT - Designing funicular form with Rhino


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Using reciprocal diagrams, RhinoVAULT provides an intuitive, fast funicular form-finding method, adopting the same advantages of techniques such as Graphic Statics, but offering a viable extension to fully three-dimensional problems. Our goal is to share key aspects of our research in a comprehensible and transparent setup to let you not only create beautiful shapes but also to give you an understanding of the underlying structural principles.

"The resistant virtues of the structure that we seek depend on their form; it is through their form that they are stable, not because of an awkward accumulation of material. There is nothing more noble and elegant from an intellectual viewpoint than this: to resist through form." - Eladio Dieste, 1996.

Please, cite our papers "Interactive Vault Design" and "Funicular Shell Design Exploration" when publishing work (partly) designed with RhinoVAULT.


In 2014, RhinoVAULT was awarded in the category 'Structure / Physics _ Formation' at ALGODeQ, an international competition for algorithmic design programs, furthermore receiving the highest rating from the reviewers. 


Rippmann, M., Lachauer, L. and Block, P., Interactive Vault DesignInternational Journal of Space Structures 27(4): 219-230, 2012.

Rippmann, M. and Block, P., Funicular Shell Design Exploration, Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference of the ACADIA, Waterloo/Buffalo/Nottingham, Canada, 2013.