Unidentified Funicular Object (UFO) - Boisbuchet Workshop 2017

This workshop will follow the footsteps of the great master builders and visionaries Antoni Gaudi, Frei Otto and Heinz Isler. We investigate form-finding through the ages, from the early explorations in physical hanging models to the latest computational design methods. We will introduce participants to the exploration of exciting structural form, which will be realised using unique techniques that have never been demonstrated before. Join us to discover the beauty of equilibrium!

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Initiated by the Vitra Design Museum's founding director, Alexander von Vegesack, the Boisbuchet workshop host professionals and students every summer, inviting the most inspiring designers and architects to share their knowledge.

Boisbuchet's season's motto for 2017 is "Grow the Future Now." It looks at responsibilities and opportunities with which the future of our society challenges the creative minds of today: "Understanding our workshops as an ideal environment for conscious learning, open-minded experimentation and serious play, we invite to see: which are the best questions to ask, which rules are to be followed, how shall we deal with ourselves, with society and with politics in general? How shall we shape our future? Like in the past, this given frame does allow to break out. It serves first and foremost as a fundament that inspires and holds together the various disciplines and individual themes of each workshop."


Interested in joining for a fun workshop in a château in France?! Registration is first-come-first-served, so be sure to soon register here.


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