Lower-bound analysis of masonry vaults

Block P. and Ochsendorf J.
Proceedings of the VIth International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historic Construction
Bath, UK

This paper appliesThrust-Network Analysis, a three-dimensional computational method for obtaining lower-bound solutions of masonry vaults withcomplex geometries. The method extends thrust-line analysis to three-dimensional problems by finding equilibrium force networks within the vault’s geometry,representing possible paths of the compression forces. Through two case studies, this paper demonstrates the potential of the method as a powerful tool for understanding, visualizing and exploring the equilibrium of compression-only structures. First, an analysis of a series of groin and quadripartite rib vaults investigates the interrelationship between different parameters and the range of possible equilibrium solutions of these vaults. A second case study analyzes the fan vaults of King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, England.


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